Christmas is just around the corner

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ahhh, been so occupied with mama jobs lately plus viruses that just won’t go away so I have to take my fingers out of my blogging dashboard. But guess I’m getting back on track and here posting up an update with what’s going on with me. 

And we’re joining the whole nation in celebrating Christmas season the longest. We’re setting up our Christmas tree, well, this early and the kids are so excited about it. We’re pulling out from the storage all of our last Christmas remains, rehash them and recycle them. Guess we’re only buying new sets of lights since some won’t light up anymore and getting them repaired will cost us more than buying a new one, so we’re selling the junk. 

I’ll be posting the kids’ finished tree sometime soon, meantime there are christmas ornaments sale here, you can check this website out. 

Thanks for dropping by.

Christmas is just around the corner

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