Faux Freedom

Monday, August 25, 2014

These love birds are just few of the many beings held in captivity in our compound. Yeah, we have roosters, we have rabbits, we have ducks and we have dogs getting tied up from time to time when they get rowdy. But they’re being treated fairly, just to let know before you get an arch on your brow. 

I was amazed to see the outcome of this photo. The message is clear, whether it be human or these tiny little creatures, we’re made to believe we have all the non-conformities in the world. Our worldview is bent to make us believe we’re free, but only to realize our assumptions of freedom is a perfect picture painted on the wall. 

I once sent some of the old birds from this cage out, all for the good reasons of course. but they return just hours after. I suspect they lost their sense of survival having been so dependent in us, the caretakers so long. So for now, I’m just going to feed them.

Faux Freedom, Contemplative Photography by Verna Luga

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