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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hi, thank you for dropping by Pensive Eyes. My domain name takes my name and I am Verna Liza Luga and I’m a mother of three. 

Photography is such an everyday word and such a common practice but still I find this field of art so compelling and so powerful. As we all know, the history of humankind has produced immeasurable amount of photographs and by the looks of it, there’s no sign of stopping. It’s so immense and wide-ranging yet we’re still stunned by photos that somehow will and have changed our worldview forever. The song that goes, ‘if a picture paints a thousand words’ is just so spot-on that I want to be in and have yearned to contribute a thousand images more from my perspective. 

For a while I have been struggling to find my niche in photography. My husband would always tell me that my photos are strange, well, they sure are. My photos just don’t jive in with the usual, with the mainstream. And I have lived on to that strangeness for a while but still I keep clicking and clicking. I should admit I got no pulse in capturing fine art photos, my food photos aren’t as appealing, moreso with other fields. 

Until one time, I came across an article about contemplative photography. The word isn’t new to me, but the practice I thought is recent maybe. So I began to research and began to go over my old hard drives and I realized, wow, so apparently my photos aren’t weird I wasn’t just able to find the right niche and the right name for them. 

I love this genre of photography, it doesn’t follow strict structures of photography, you don’t need to design set-up, you don’t need to fake surroundings to take pictures, you just have to be aware and to have a perceptive eye or a 'good eye' to capture one. You don’t need to wait for the windows to get cleaned to get the image beyond, you have to transcend beyond obscurities because there’s no cloudy window in the first place. It is your perception that would filter it. 

Our world is permeated with an enormous and rich amount of symbols and characters, we may choose to find meaning taking the whole of it, but I find freshness of sense in the small everydayness of my existence and this what I aim to share.

Please feel free to drop in what’s bothering you, the comment section is all open for you. If you have something to tell me, please email me at vlyluga[at]gmail.com. 

This photo I called ‘Waiting’ is my first picture published at SeeingFresh (http://www.seeingfresh.com/) It’s a website that pools in contemplative photos and you might be interested to check it out.

Waiting, Contemplative Photography by Verna Luga

Thank you very much for dropping by.

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