Hope to be back on jogging track. Will try barefoot running this time

Friday, March 21, 2014

Ateneo de Davao University Oval

I’ve been so occupied lately with family and not-so family matters that finding time to get back on jogging track has been so challenging to do. Yeah, having kids to attend to lets you slacken some of the regular routines you do and before you know it you’ve totally ditched your schedules in favor of your herd. Well, same stories you hear here and there about moms trying to get back in shape yet can’t squeeze in time to do so. 

I don’t do gym. I find running on a treadmill in an enclosed space so suffocating. Plus I don’t feel like I’ll be sweating in an air-conditioned space. So I do my jogging routine on this track. 

Its Ateneo de Davao’s running oval. I do late afternoon jog after all the student athletes left for home here. This is not open to public but employees are allowed until the gate closes. Now that classes are over, I think it’s time again to get on those Nike Shoes and run the stresses away.

The center of the oval is grass laid and some friend coaches recommended to try to run around the grass part barefoot as I have history of ankle injury in the past. They say it lessen the incidence of injury running the natural way, natural being shoeless. I know this natural running thing can reduce injuries but heck, it felt ticklish and I’m not so used to doing it. I can’t even walk far how much more run without something on. 

Guess I have to love my running shoes. Injuries can be avoided too I know, when you put on the right running shoe and have a focused mind on the track. That, I’m positive about. 

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