I’m in a city where Karaoke is forbidden

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

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Just when Karaoke is about to be banned in this city, I also has gotten this out-of-the-blue itch to cart out a set of flashy audio amplifiers I’ve been hankering at an appliance store downtown. Yes there’s this ordinance brewing up in Davao City banning Karaoke shortly before midnight - kind of statute to diminish noise pollution at holy hours of the night when people are supposed to be in bed dreaming. 

Not that I’m drudging to be a future delinquent citizen, it’s just that I feel this set of ‘magic sing’ of ours, that I spent good money about, will go rusty in the box. I figured this set audio amplifier from musicians friend would be a good match to those mics. I just realized this Karaoke ban also takes a toll not just on my singing freedom but also on my pocket. I never thought those bygone egg trays can be a good junk to sound proof a room and it also whacked me off drain in the wallet. Thought it’s a double abuse to self-determination.

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