Thought of the day: Of resonance Chaos and musically inclined kids

Monday, January 13, 2014

Conspiring Kids 

My family is one unit of society that has the most diverse preference when it comes to music. 

My husband who plays the piano and spends some of his Sundays serving the mass as organist has Don Moen-ish kind love of music. My two younger kids are into popular music. Stating the obvious, the latest craze in the house – ‘Let it Go’ sang by the famed Frozen movie character, Elsa. They even do a cellphone recording like, seriously, this mom went crazy.

My eldest is into guitar, glad he’s not into drums or I’ll be plucking meinl drum clamps around house. But even with locked doors his croaky teen singing voice still streak out of his door. He really can sing. Note, that it’s the mom saying. Just imagine a Sunday morning in our house, we literally have resonance chaos. 

Noise is a kind of pollution anyone really can’t stand for a long time. But what can I do? I sometimes blame myself for introducing them into this program, but hearing them relishing every note of their chants, I’d rather get drown into this sound smog than seeing them out doing something I’d be most regretful hearing. 

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