Practicing delayed gratification

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Passion fruit flower 

I should have done this early on. But as they say, nothing is too late unless I’d forgo doing this right now. So then, I’m getting myself accustomed to this so-called delayed gratification. It is a kind of personal curtailment principle of delaying my purchases. When I thought of something I really itch to go to the mall and get what I want to. I also wonder why I can always find justification with it from my husband. Although, I don’t really have to. 

Delaying the purchase to at least 24 hours gives me a little time to evaluate whether I really need or want to buy the thing. I thought this is one of the simplest ways to save money and a not-so-rough road to financial maturity. I have more travels to finance than buying another set of Noritake, and what’s on these plates that’s pulling me anyway. It’s a good strategy, I’m getting a grip of it now and it seems to be working. Why did I not think about this before? It’s not too late, I know.

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