How to make it online?

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

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I’ve been so pre-occupied with my offline job lately, preparation for our finals is so neck breaking, but even then I still have to come up with this one. When I first started blogging some years back, I was so scaredy hesitant … muttering whether I can make it or not, I have too many doubts, will someone click on and read my mind? Will somebody in this sphere really take time to write a comment on my article? 

Well, over time I have adopted this cyber culture to take time to comment on others’ blog so they come back and visit me too and on top of everything I made friends …. This post is about my formula in making it this far in this blogosphere, though I am not earning that much yet, since this is not a get-rich overnight scheme, I am sticking on to some formula, (if I may call it that) that keeps me going here. Anyway going back to my formula in making it online, through my months of being a cyborg I realized there’s not really that much difference making it online or offline, these guidelines I have offline were actually the same guiding principle I have in making it online. Here they are: 

Formula 1. Know what you want. This maybe an old school fave but this really works. This formula gives you a guiding light where your blog is going and gives you focus. If you can’t envision what you want with your blog, you’ll never work towards achieving it. 

Formula 2. Nurture a schedule-culture Getting things done requires time, for SAHMs like me (that’s what they call mothers who stay at home and making internet a diversion); I really put austere measures in terms of scheduling. I cannot give you my exact formula since we live in different life context and we deal with different life programs. But doing so will let you get things done. 

Formula 3. Never stop learning I started as a blank sheet in blogging arena, although my husband is a software developer he does not specialize in putting up blogs, so I have to learn on my own on a daily basis. Read…. Read…read … and learn from those, you don’t have to apply everything what you have learned just pick those that are appropriate to you. Listen to what others have to say and evaluate situations where you are in… if it works for you then go… if in any case you have doubts … don’t hesitate to drop it and say no … 

Formula 4. Capitalize a little and stick to it One thing I realized whether online or offline, you have to capitalize on something to be patronized. This does not necessarily mean shelling out much bucks for ads, (but may also apply, which is more effective), but I started with no paid ones, and as always traffic to your blog as opposed to what other experts say cannot be achieve sitting down, swirling your swivel. You also have to let your pointer work the clicking to attract traffic and read your blog. 

Formula 5. Positive attitude is a must People ‘who made it’ are positive people. They don’t let life or obstacles stand your way or bring you down. At times you feel so lazy, household pressures for SAHMs like me, dealing with out-of-this world in-laws (why were they included? LOL) experiencing writers’ block, or nothing to write at all, don’t give up. Never say … I cannot do this anymore … instead say I can do this …. Just give me time … LOL! 

Thing is, you’ll be destined to stay where you’re at, doing the same old thing and wondering why success doesn’t happen. If you’re always a nega person, and if I were success, why would I hang around with you anyway? Thank you for reading … as I said some things are free here, you just have to work a little for it.

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