How to save time in your work

Monday, December 23, 2013

It took me quite sometime to write some real stuff on this blog, it’s just that my hands were too full these past few days. But as an opening salvo, I am sharing these 6 tips on how I manage to save my time being a full-time mom, part-time professor and a part-time blogger, if I may call it that. 

  • Form habits of doing jobs at a certain time. It would save you minutes otherwise waste in deciding what to do next, this will get you started promptly on jobs you don’t like. Remember, “A job begun is a job half done.” 
  • Change your standards if necessary. Are your standards for some jobs too high? Could children do the job in a fairly satisfactory manner? Can you skip some jobs occasionally, especially when children are small or during busy seasons? If so, then take it as an option. 
  • Choose the best time of the day or the best day of the week to do the job so that interruptions can be kept to a minimum. Don’t interrupt yourself to do something else you’re likely to forget. Jot it down to make sure. 
  • Keep a bulletin board; I have a mini whiteboard on my refrigerator door, to write down things that must be done, and some reminders from my children. 
  • Don’t drive yourself so hard one day that you have no energy left for the next. Distribute your work evenly over the week to avoid fatigue. 
  • Don’t procrastinate, which often I also do, but on the serious note delays can make a job seem bigger than it really is – and thinking about what you haven’t done steals time from job you have before you. 

There, this has been my strategy having no house help, tending 3 children with 2 years old as the youngest, do the laundry, grocery, blog etc, etc. and still have time to watch movie on a red carpet ALONE. I hope this helps. 

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