Coffee, Tea or Chaos?

Friday, July 19, 2013

When entertaining family and friends it’s nice to be able to offer a range of hot and cold beverages but it can really be a hassle. Some folks want regular coffee, others want decaffeinated and some prefer a blend of both – it’s hard to keep track of it all. With an on demand coffee maker that accepts tea and coffee K-Cup® pods it’s easy to satisfy even the pickiest and most particular of guests. 

You may not be familiar with the modern on demand brewing systems or perhaps you have experienced them at an automobile dealership, hair salon or other professional setting; typically any establishment that puts a focus on customer service and hospitality tends to have an on demand brewing system because they are so convenient and easy to use. The versatile devices take up about the same amount of space as a conventional electric drip coffee maker and they require access to an electric outlet but when it comes to operation they differ in many ways. 

There is no coffee pot or thermal carafe and there is no warming plate – the coffee brews directly into a cup, glass or mug. There is no need to scoop and measure coffee or deal with tea bags because the coffee and tea come in individually sealed single portion packets – to make coffee you simply position a cup under the brewing port, select a coffee insert and press a button. Branded coffee makers are available at any online store like JCP, Amazon, Macy’s etc. for affordable prices. A good choice of them is at with the price range starting from $99.99 and up to $399.99. 

There are many different formats of coffee inserts including t-discs, capsules and so on; not all formats are compatible with all machines. The K-Cup compatible pods coffee makers are your best bet because the K-Cup® is the most readily available and widely distributed format.

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