Freedom to Sleep

Sunday, June 09, 2013

I just attended an exclusive Photoblogging workshop organized by Davao Bloggers and guess who conducted it? It's Ms. Jojie Alcantara, yes, that witty woman whose eyes and hands are gifted to bring around ordinary scenes of everydayness into a grandest scale we could ever imagine through her lens. Her larger than life pictures are published in magazines like Mabuhay, Philippine Airlines in-flight magazine, newspapers like Manila Bulletin, you can see a gallery of those on this url,, Republic of 7,107 Island Travel Magazine, which she handed the latest copy to me after having grabbed her most-liked photo during the workshop. You can also find her on Facebook @ 

It’s a real privilege getting mentored by an expert. Ms. Jojie, thank you for spending your time with us, it was more than awesome spending a day with you, learned so much. Thank you! 

Chilling on Independence Day

Freedom, more fun in Davao

is Jojie Alcantara's most liked photo during Davao Bloggers Geek Up Dos

-yay, feeling awesome


  1. Congratulations! Thank you for this nice post and I hope you take with you everywhere the golden nuggets of tips I have shared with you. :-)


    1. HI Jojie,

      Thank you for dropping by. Thank you also for taking time off to spend it with us. It was fun learning from you.

      Hope to attend more of your workshops in the future.

      Forever be grateful,