The pink ring

Saturday, May 25, 2013

This was given to me by my MIL way back when life was still a bed of roses ... hehehe. 

Anyway, I am continually self-learning how to operate my dslr in which for the longest time I haven't tried doing. My husband always tease me to just buy a real point and shoot camera instead as it's light and convenient ... what difference does it make me turning the dslr's knob to auto? 

So, I'm taking the challenge. I haven't upgraded my lens yet it's still the same kit lens that comes with the mama unit, 18-55mm. My readings suggest that it would be best to get a handle of this machine first before moving on to the next. So this is my attempt to getting a macro shot out of the ones I have.

[PS, I just knew I needed to concoct baking soda and hot water in cleaning this ring, it's been a while that I haven't used this and the dirt is obviously creeping.]

Pink ring, Verna Luga Contemplative Photography

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