Thursday, March 14, 2013

I really want to write something, something out of my free wits, but life circumstance sometimes just won't let you out of the box just like that, often it confines your creative juices around the walls of your near rusting cranium and the moment when you're ready to let it all out, something crap about life would pop out of your way and boooomm! There flies your flow not knowing when will it come again.

Finding inspiration from this piece....

A Beautiful Life
Renu Beri

She walks slowly with gentle motion,
A little pre-occupied, having full notion,
Of the small world that revolves around her,
Of which she is the gracious mother.

A gentle face emanating depth of character,
On the stage of life a venerable actor,
A picture of honesty, peace and compassion,
A dedicated educationist with deep passion.

The heavenly powers blessed her with a mission,
To spread knowledge and with success to season,
The impressionable lives of countless youngsters,
Encouraging spiritual strength and practical reason.

A lady devoted to her cause, leading a simple life,
Unknown to any kind of venom or strife,
Every heart for her breathes a humble prayer,
‘O Lord, give her happiness in ample share.

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