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OK, so I've written for a community paper, had several of my ethnographic field notes published in a journal, tailored paid posts, wrote a number of technical papers that for Pete's sake had the hardest time of my life with the scientific names and now my first ever fanfiction. Well, thanks to Maya and Sir Chief, the two famed characters of this ABS-CBN show "Be Careful with my Heart".

I always do things for a reason and if you want to know why this fanfiction was made, read this post ... IMMERSION. Yes that’s the ethnographic word.

This is my first ever fan fiction. This is also published in Excess Baggage, it's a fan online library of the collection of fanfictions for these characters.

So here we go.


It’s because Maya wanted to make the most out of her remaining days at the Lim mansion, she always make extra effort to attend to the needs and even wants of Abby.

Maya just sent Abby to sleep, she at once slowly left Abby’s room and headed to her room, she has to finish sorting her things for an early cabin crew training the following day when she saw the lights still on at SC’s office, she took the occasion to drop by to ask SC’s permission about Abby’s assignment at school.

Knock, knock
“Come in Maya”,
“Sir Chief, meron po sana akong ipag-paalam eh, tungkol po sa assignment ni Abby sa school.”
“What is it?”

“Kasi po, kelangan nilang mag-veggetable and fruit identification, me mga drawing naman po kaso mas maganda ho talaga yung actual eh, para di nya madaling makalimutan, though meron naman po sa kitchen, eh kulang din naman, kaya kung pwede ho sana eh, dadalhin ko si Abby sa supermarket bukas ng hapon, maaga po akong lalabas mga 3PM, kasi nagovertime po kami kahapon kaya pumayag na si Ma’am Ina dun sa early out namin.”

“OK, just arrange the schedule with Joma para maihatid kayo ni Abby”
“Sige po SC, good night po”
“Ah, Maya”
“Ah, nevermind.”

Maya was just too tired to linger around so she immediately call it a night.
“Good night po uli Sir Chief”

Richard can sense she was too tired of her day at TA and that he only follow her back walking away.


The following morning was just like the usual weekday morning, except that Maya was busier than ever. She has to juggle her schedule between TA and Abby, but because she loved this kid so much she thought nothing of her weary but to make Abby happy and to somehow be with her SC who sends them to school every morning just like today and her late night veranda coffee talk which she will miss so much whenever she’ll finally leave the mansion, the thought of it kills her to the bones that sometimes, she would intentionally make talks longer, funnier than the usual.

“Maya, ihahatid na kita sa TA at baka malate ka pa”
“Sir Chief, magcocommute nalang po ako,”
“Don’t argue anymore Maya,” “Opo, sabi ko nga po ihahatid nyo na po.”
When Maya was out of the car and said her goodbye, Richard called-out, “Maya, wag kang magpapagutom”. “Opo,” she responded.

Richard then drive away but she followed looking until the car was gone. “ito talaga si Sir Chief di na tinitext ngayon, talagang sinasabi na, paano naman ako aalis neto? Haaayy!”


“Liza, what’s my appointment after 3PM today?”
“Ah, sir, meron po kayong meeting with Sonny about this month’s financial statement.”
“Liza, can you move that first thing on Monday?”
“But why sir, are you meeting someone else, do you need me to book something?”
“Ah, no Liza, I just need to accompany Abby and Maya to the supermarket”
“Supermarket? Liza questioned”

“Yes, it’s Abby’s assignment at school about their veggies and fruit identification, Maya said Abby can see a variety more at the supermarket than what we have in the kitchen and it would be better to see it in actual than just the drawing.”

“You know what sir, kung di lang yaya ang tawag ni Abby kay Maya, she can really be mistaken as Abby’s mom and I hope you won’t mind sir, botong-boto po ako kay Maya.” Before Richard can say something, Liza was quick to say, “Sir, just call me if you need something, good luck.” And Liza went out of the office.

Richard smiled almost in agreement to what her long time and trusted secretary has said. Liza has never been this vocal when it comes to girls she has dated before, though he didn’t really admit his true feelings for Maya yet, Liza, having known him for a long time had this woman’s hunch they both like each other.

Richard was on the phone, “Joma, can you please send Abby to my office after lunch?”
“Sir, ang sabi po kasi ni Maya, may lakad po sila ni Abby at susunduin namin siya sa TA ng 3pm.”
“Joma, kami nalang ni Abby ang susundo kay Maya, just call Luke you’ll fetch them on time and please tell Abby to call me I’ll be the one to inform her”, Richard stated firmly.
“Sige po sir, ihahatid ko po si Abby sa office nyo after ng lunch”.


“Hi Tita Liza, Abby greeted his dad’s secretary with so much excitement”
“O, hi Abby, how are you? You sound so happy!”
“Yes po, kasi pupunta po kami ni yaya sa supermarket, kasama po si Daddy.”
“Oh I see”
Just then Richard cut the two of them and said;
“Liza, I’ll just get something at my office, Abby stay here with Tita Liza for a short while”
“Yes Dad.”

While Richard was inside the office Liza took the opportunity to talk to Abby, it’s not that she’s minding someone else’s business, but it’s just that deep inside her she knew her Boss has changed so much for the better since Maya came into the Lim mansion. Her Boss has loosened up and now became more approachable, considerate, though at times he still insist on what he wanted right at an instant, that - she can consider for it comes with valid reason. She thought it would be so much of a loss to just send Maya just like this, at least she tried to help her Boss save on the best woman that walked in the Lim Aviation since Alex. For Liza, Maya wasn’t just a grace sent from heaven to the Lim family but also for them at the company, because their everydayness with their Boss depends on his mood and by far Maya has been an angel’s instrument to mellow his temper.

“Abby, alam ko nalulungkot ka dahil aalis na si Maya”
“Opo Tita, pero sabi po niya dadalawin naman po niya ako eh”
“Eh, kung di nalang kaya natin paalisin si yaya sa bahay nyo?”
“Kahit po me bagong yaya?” Abby questioned back.
“Kahit me bagong yaya, tutulungan kita, it’s our secret.” Liza announced excitedly.
Just then Richard showed at Abby’s back and took her hand.
“You two sound so serious”, Richard batted.
“We’re just talking nothing sir, I just missed Abby”,
“O baby, magpaalam kana kay Tita Liza, we might be late, we might get caught in traffic, so we better leave now,”
“Bye Tita Liza,” waving her hand.
“Bye, Abby see you”, She winked at Abby to seal in their agreement and waved back.


Maya and Emman were exchanging short giggly talks and were already standing at the lobby of TA waiting for Joma and Abby.

“Ano ba gurl, kanina ka pa hila ng hila dyan sa skirt mu,”
“kasi naman Emman bakit kasi ang sikip-sikip and iksi-iksi ng pagkagawa netong uniform ko,”
“Alam mu girl, sa pagkaka-alam ko yang sayo ang may pinakamahabang laylayan, kung naging lalaki nga lang ako eh, matagal ko ng pinag-nasaan ang katawan mu, yan ang tinatawag na ‘a body in its perfection’”, Emman commented in gay bod shaky gesture, that sends Maya to push him lightly and they chuckled together.
“Ikaw talaga Emman puro ka kalokohan,”
“O, ayan na pala sundo mu gurl”

“Sige Emman mauna na ako, alam mu n ….. Sir Chief?” Maya was startled to see Sir Chief instead of Joma. Richard pulled-up, went down and rounded the car. “Sir Chief, paano pong kayo ang nandito?”
“Abby wanted to surprise you,”
“No yaya,” a darling voice batted out of the car’s window, “Daddy called off his meeting so he can come with us”
“Sir Chief?”
“No, it was just a presentation of the company’s financial statement with Sonny, it wasn’t that important so I called it off and have it moved first thing Monday, besides I also wanted to be with Abby,”
“Naku, Sir Chief di naman kelangan eh,”
“Maya, get in”, while pulling out the car passenger’s door.
“So, saang supermarket tayo pupunta?” Richard asked.
“Yung pinakamalapit nalang po Sir Chief”, Maya directed shyly.

While moving, Maya started a conversation with Abby;

“Baby, alam mu marami akong kwento sayo, isa na dun yung pumasa ako at perfect score pa sa lahat ng drills na ginawa namin today”.
“Galing mu naman yaya”, Abby batted proudly,
“Syempre, ginalingan ko para sayo,”

Maya casually put down her bag at her foot area, it falls off so often from her lap because she keeps turning her body towards Abby that is seated at the back. Because her skirt was cut mid of her upper leg it retreats even more when she’s seated, this is a kind of woman’s fashion flair that could wage a war and can send kingdoms to fall. Richard can’t just contain his men’s instinct showing. He has dated a number of women in outrageously revealing clothes before but he was able to contain himself and just quietly let those flesh pass by, but with Maya it’s something out of the ordinary, Damn Richard, just focus on the road and not on anyone elses' legs.

Probably because they ride on this car too often, or maybe they’ve gotten too familiar with each others’ body cues that’s why Maya knew already when and how to spot the good and the bad in Richard’s face.

“Sir Chief, masama ho ba pakiramdam nyo, pinagpapawisan ho kayo eh,” Maya dig in a handkerchief from her bag and said, “eto nalang po muna gamitin nyo, mahirap hung dukutin yung panyo nyo kasi nagmamaneho kayo, pero kung gusto nyo ako nalang ang kukuha.”
“Ah, ah,” Richard in his panicky voice said, “yours is fine, thank you”, Maya handed the hanky and he wiped it on his sweat-filled forehead.
Maya continued her story and said;
“Pero baby, sumablay lang ako dun sa technical description ng visible parts ng airplane eh, wala kasi yun sa eroplanong sinasakyan ko papuntang San Nicolas, mas malaki at complicated kasi yung dummy airplane, pero di naman talaga ganun kasama ang score ko, close to perfect lang.”
“What? That’s the easiest Maya and you didn’t get it all?” Richard questioned teasingly,
“Sir Chief, talagang easy lang po yun sa inyo dahil yun po ang forte nyo eh, the best engineer kaya kayo.”
And they all laugh together.


The three were walking hand-in-hand towards the supermarket with Abby in the middle. No one would ever think Maya is Abby’s nanny because of how she carries herself now. Ever since she started her internship and eventually made it to the cabin crew training Maya has slowly learned how to walk and talk confidently, gracefully. It’s this refined peculiarity of hers that would often startle Richard and habitually found himself dumbfounded, she truly has turned from a chatty ‘probinsyana’ into a polished and elegant lady. Though often her family in San Nicolas and in the Lim mansion would say, it’s just her dress that change, she’s still the same Maya that they knew since the very beginning.

“Naku baby tama-tamang wala gaanung tao, makapag-ikot-ikot tayo ng maayos,”

Just then Abby released both of their hands and run towards the veggies shelves …
“Abby, dahan-dahan madapa ka!” Maya and Richard blurted together,
Abby stopped and face the two worried adults and said,
“I’m a big girl now, you two need not to worry about me,”
Upon hearing what Abby said, Maya and Richard mirrored each others’ eyes and smiled sweetly.
Just then they heard a woman passing, pushing her grocery-filled cart,
“Awwww, ang sweet naman ng anak nyo, napaka-independent na, kahit maliit pa.”

Richard knew Maya was about to protest, but before she can open her mouth, Richard grabbed Maya’s hand and quickly said, “thank you” to the woman and walked towards Abby’s direction.
“Maya, please don’t argue anymore, hahaba pa yung kwento eh,” Richard said almost a whisper, he was hoping he can collect an agreement, he was still holding Maya’s hands and look at her in her eyes, just then Maya nodded in agreement.

“Maya, you’re blushing, are you OK?”
“Sir Chief, OK lang po ako, pwede nyo na pong bitawan ang kamay ko.”

Richard released her hand and led her near the veggies shelf where Abby was delightfully pointing, holding and naming the veggies by herself. Maya was like a doting mother explaining to her child what these life’s events are. Richard was savoring the moment from afar, he knew he still have a lot of workings to do, he’s torn between his selfishness and selflessness, but one thing he’s sure of, he has fallen with this woman and he is sure he won’t let her go again.

His thoughts were interrupted when he heard a boy just like Abby’s age, whining, and pushing his cart hard towards Maya and Abby’s direction. He saw Maya bend slightly to level off with Abby eyes while holding on a piece of Kiwi. Richard was quick to calculate the distance, he’s so good at this, of his footsteps travel to block the cart before it can hit Abby and then Maya’s behind, just then Maya saw the fast cart coming and about to hit Abby, just like a mom willing to get hurt in lieu of her child, she stood up quickly, grab Abby and tuck her behind her. But Richard was quicker he reach out for Maya’s shoulder and wrapped his arms around her and promptly hold on her body and pressed it against his. Maya felt the shopping cart hit Richard’s behind, she encircle Richard with her arms hoping she can also protect him from the danger, but he ouched as it hit his rear, but she can’t see it since Richard firmly buried her face against his chest.

Time stood still, it was as if they’re standing amid a plain of breezy rose field and daffodils - euphoric, dreamy – she can hear Richard’s heart pounding, both of them thought if it was a dream, they would never want to get out of here - security, assurance, a promise that both of their hearts only understand.

That tender scene was abruptly disturbed when they heard someone talking,
“Naku, hija ang sweet naman ng Daddy at Mommy mu”, Just then they released each other and queried Abby, “baby are you OK,?”
“Daddy kayo yata ang di OK”
The boy’s mom came and apologized to Maya, “I’m so sorry Mrs. ….”
Just before Maya could answer Richard cut her and said, Mr. Lim. The apologetic woman turned to Richard and said, I’m sorry Mr. and Mrs. Lim for the trouble my son brought you. I hope you didn’t get hurt.”
“We’re OK” Richard took Abby’s hand by his left and wrap the other on Maya’s shoulder, gesturing Maya to move out of the veggies section.

They still can hear the woman speak her mind, ‘What a lovely couple.’

Though he still can feel the pain in his behind, it was nothing compared to the moment he just imagined. He just smiled at Maya looking daggers at him, “What? Richard asked as if he was innocent of what just happened”
“Sir Chief ha, hindi pa nga ako nagkaboyfriend, nagka-asawa na agad, ang bilis naman.”
“Wag kang mag-alala Ms. Dela Rosa, magiging Mrs. Lim ka rin.”
“Ano?” Maya protested.


Because Richard was in the lightest and happiest mood, he declared and said,

“OK, just tell me where you want to eat, where you want to go and what you want to buy, I’ll gladly comply.”

“Talaga Daddy?”, “Yes, baby” they finally settled at an Italian Restaurant, they knew Abby would want a plate of spaghetti so they agreed to get in.
“Baby buti nalang natapos na tayo kanina bago pa tayo muntik ng mabangga ng cart”
“Thank you yaya for protecting me kanina,” “Naku, baby you don’t have to thank yaya, kasi kahit sino gagawin yun para sayo, kasi mabait ka eh,”

As soon as they finish eating Abby asked permission from both of them;
“Can I just look at the water fountain at the corner?” Richard look at the direction where Abby was pointing and saw some other kids happily examining the human-made little fountain, Richard nodded and said, “Yes, baby, pero dyan kalang ha”, “Opo”.

“It’s OK Sir Chief, malapit lang naman at makikita ko rin siya mula dito”
“Maya, yung about pala kanina”
“It’s OK Sir Chief, kung baga the situation calls for it kaya, OK lang”
“di ka galit?”
“bakit naman ako magagalit eh, muntik na nga tayo madisgrasya, sakit pa ba yung, sabay turo ni Maya sa puwet niya.”
“Nawala bigla ng niyakap mu ako, mas mahigpit pa kasi keysa bumanggang cart eh”
“Maya, I’m just joking,” “Concern lang naman yung tao”
“OO na salamat, now I know you’re not only concern with Abby but also with me, Thank you Maya”
Maya just smiled and look at Richard’s eye, just then she sensed something is going on with Abby at the fountain area.

She stood up and said, “Sir Chief, humihingi ho ako ng paumanhin sa mga susunod na sasabihin ko, the situation calls for it”

And proceeded to where Abby was, all men’s eyes on the hall were on Maya as she glide towards the little girl at the brink of crying. She knew a lot of eyes were following her but her concern was Abby.
“Hi, what’s your name, she bend a little to level the boy’s eyes,” “Carlo po”
“Hi Carlo, this is Abby pointing to her ‘alaga’” I’m sorry po kasi tinanung kulang naman po kung nasaan ang mommy niya, tapos biglang naiiyak po siya, tapos sabi ko yung mommy ko nagtatrabaho po sa bangko, tapos ayun tuluyan na po siyang umiyak”

“Ganun ba, diba sinabi ni Abby sa yu that I’m her pretty Mommy?”
Maya winked at Abby and they both smiled as if they knew what their next move would be.
“My mom is a flight stewardess soon, she’s on training, though she’ll leave me for a while, I know she’s coming back and we’ll tour around the world together”.

“Talaga po, Carlo’s eyes widened, e di makita nyo ang lahat ng Disneyland, sa Hongkong, sa Japan at sa America?, Abby said, “oo”
Just then Carlo’s mom came and said, “Naku, Mrs. …. “

Richard saw and heard everything from behind, cut the woman and said, “Mrs. Lim” as he was referring to Maya, “Sorry ho sa abala Mrs. Lim, mauna na po kami.” Carlo waved to Abby goodbye following his mother.
Richard looked at Maya and then to Abby and said “Let’s go, saan nyo pang mag-ina gustung pumunta?”
Maya’s voice was apologetic, “di ba sabi ko naman po Sir Chief, hihingi ako tawad sa sasabihin ko, kinakailangan ng sitwasyon eh, ayaw ko namang apihin si Abby.”

“Sorry din kanina for batting in at pinakilala kitang si Mrs. Lim, eh kinakailangan din ng sitwasyon eh,”
The both look at each other and laugh.

While they were about to get into the car, Abby said “yaya can I say something to you”, “OO naman baby”, Abby without misgivings embraced Maya and said, “thank you yaya for being my mom today.”
Maya just felt a stream of tears coming out of her eyes, Richard saw the pain in Maya’s eyes, in Abby’s voice. He wasn’t able to contain himself and just embraced the two of them.
“Daddy, di na po ako makahinga eh”

“Ah, sorry baby” and they all laugh Maya bend a little wiping Abby’s tears and when she stood up Richard just comfortably reach out and cupped her face, running his thumb on her almost dried tears and said “Maya, I can’t thank enough the heavens for sending you to us, Thank you so much,” Richard embraced Maya too tight, just then Maya said, “Ako naman po ang di makahinga, Sir Chief.”


They reach home with Abby already sleeping, they settled her on her bedroom and Maya kissed goodbye the sleeping Abby.

She turned to Sir Chief and said, “Sir Chief, mauna na po ako, unless may ipag-uutus ho kayo”
“good night Maya”, “Good night din po Sir Chief”

Just when Maya was about to get out of Abby’s door, “Maya”, “Po”
“Di ba sabi mu sumablay ka dun sa technical description drill mu? Find a vacant time and I will accompany you to the big airplanes we’re fixing right now, I’ll be your best tutor”

“Talaga po?”
“Di ba ikaw lang din ang nagsabi, ako yung best dad, ako yung best boss, ako yung best crush, panindigan ko nalang yan, ako na rin yung best tutor mu sa subject nato”.
“Thank you Sir Chief,”
“Ah, Maya,” “Po”
“thank you for standing as Abby’s mom today, I’ll forever be grateful”, “You’re welcome po”

Maya slept pregnant with thoughts about what will happen in the hangar with big planes and Richard around.
Richard, slept hugging a pillow as if it was Maya.

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