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Her eyes meander around the docking fleets, she counted … ‘1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ..’
She was cut by a familiar voice …’pang anim tung nasa ulo mo’ … Richard pointed the body of the huge airplane that hangs above their heads.

‘So let’s get started Ms. Dela Rosa,’
‘Sige po,’ Maya nodded without a trace of her usual smile.
‘Maya wait,’ she turned to Richard and said, ‘bakit po SC?’

Richard is wearing his beautiful loopsided smile, that smile that send her heart to race like there’s a thousand untamed horses in her bosom,

‘Come here’, ‘Po?’

While looking at her seductive eyes Richard carefully put on the hard hat on Maya’s head, ‘it looks good on you.’ The gentle accidental touches on her neck and chin as he clasp the latches of the hat fired a kind of familiar feeling that slowly make her weak. He smiled again and put on his own hat while taking their small steps towards the iron stairs.

It’s a safety operating procedure Maya, it’s a must when you’re on site so don’t get too thrilled, Maya reminded her keyed up self.

‘So ganyan pa rin ba yang mukha mu hanggang sa aakyat tayo sa eroplano?’ Richard babbled in his soft teasing voice.

‘Bakit, me ano po pala sa mukha ko?’ Maya chided somewhat irritated.
‘If I hadn’t known you better Maya, let’s go up, I’ll introduce you to Angela.’

‘Ano po?’,
‘Relax, pag ganyan ka di ka talaga papasa nyan, mamaliitin kang lalo ni Ms. Belmonte, e kasi naman selos ang inuuna mu, nakarinig kalang ng pangalan ng babae e, sumasalubong na agad yang kilay mu,’
‘SC ha, di na magandang biro yan,’

‘O sige na, sorry na,’ habang inaalayan nya si Maya paakyat sa pinto ng eroplano.
They stopped at the entrance of the airplane; they rested at the metal floored veranda that topped the wheeled metal staircase that leads to the entrance of the huge airplane.

‘Wow, nakakalula naman dito,’

‘Well, you should get used to this, I’m sure you’re not aerophobic otherwise it’ll defeat the purpose of you being a cabin crew.’ Richard casually informed her.
‘So, let me introduce you to Angela’, Richard smiled slyly while leading Maya to the entrance of the airplane.’

‘Angela, I’d like you to meet a very, very, special friend of mine, who is, I hope will be flying with you soon, Maya’,
‘Maya, meet Angela, a double-decked, four-engined jet engineering wonder,’
Maya in her perplexed tone questioned Richard, ‘yung eroplano si Angela?’

‘Maya, airplanes here come and go, officially they’re being identified by their make and tail numbers, pero mga lalaki kasi lahat ang mga trabahador at Engineers dito, sabi nila boring naman kung numero lahat kaya they name each airplane that come here with a woman’s name.’
Richard was like a devout teacher willing to share everything to his new and willing student.
‘Eh bakit naman Angela ang pangalan ng eroplanung to?’

‘Because this is our Angel, this hangar was renovated two years ago in preparation for her coming, the old structure cannot accommodate an Airbus A380, I call it also my very lucky year, you came just in time Angela taxied to this hangar, everything just turned out right Maya.’ He looked at Maya with so much admiration and proceeded to the center alley.

‘Eh, SC, baka naman pwedeng ‘Maya’ ang pangalan ng susunod na eroplano?’ Maya bantered,
‘bakit naman?’
‘Pag di ka tumigil Maya, di ka makakalabas dito, mag-aaral kaba o……’ In his mind, how can this woman in her naked face, no lipstick, no make-up can be so beautiful, so alluring, he cut himself before he can think of something else.

‘Angela is an Airbus- A380, it’s about 73 meters long and its wing spans about 79 meters. This is by far the largest passenger aircraft ever made,’ Richard saw Maya’s eyes wander around a huge economy class cabin, half listening, partly baffled in awe, ‘at kung nakikinig ka sa akin Maya, ikaw palang ang kauna-unahang babaeng nakapasok sa eroplanung to bago pa man ang inaugural run neto sa April.’
‘So I would assume you’ve learned by heart your manual, have you? ‘Opo, Sir Chief’,

‘Then go around and identify those parts and functions and ask me what you can’t figure it out,’
‘SC, bakit nga po pala naka garahe ito, sira po ba to?’

‘No, there are just some features and things here that need to be customized and to be replaced with the airlines embroidered logo.’ Richard now was scaling the stairs to the second deck and as soon as Maya set her last step on the blue carpeted second deck airplane floor, she gasped in awe, ‘wow! Ang ganda naman dito, ito ba yung business class SC?’

‘Yes, it has everything a businessman need in their flight, computer connection, entertainment, comfort, communication, even café for inflight business meetings, all safety procedures in fact are all translated in different languages, kaya di na kayo mahihirapan, but if you’ll just stand there and awe in wonder, you’ll miss all of these, come here,’

‘Saan po, dyan sa loob ng kwarto,’ ‘Yes!’

‘Ahhh, SC pwedeng dito nalang po ako sa pinto’, Maya hesitantly proposed. ‘Eh, anong matutunan mu dyan sa pinto?’ Maya sluggishly slid herself looking around a seemingly round honeymoon inflight bedroom.
‘This is one of the luxuries in flying with this airplane, this room also comes with toilet and bath, its entirely like a hotel in the sky, convenience in traveling.’ Richard shrugged his shoulder while glancing at Maya.

Just then Maya accidentally tap a button by the door and it automatically shut the access close, ‘Naku! Paano to SC?’

‘Paano ba yan di na tayo makakalabas dito’, ‘SC ha ‘wag kayo magbiro ng ganyan,’ Richard paced slowly towards a flustered Maya, she also step backwards to distance herself but she was hindered by the wall, Richard reach for the wall enclosing Maya with his arms, she arched her back making her distance an inch closer to Richard, she was freezing, her heart panting, she hold her breath and close her eyes, she waited in taut …


‘O ayan bukas na, yung lock and open button nasa likod mu kasi, you can open your eyes now,’ Richard smirk in a seemingly taunting tone.

Maya drop your being an assumera, pwede ba! Tama na, Maya keep reminding herself, you’re here to learn and show Ms. Belmonte you deserve to fly.

Richard didn’t move his body nor his hand that rounded her, he’s an inch closer to her face, his voice was soft, yet clear and commanding;

‘This kind of fleet Maya and any other aircraft that is manufactured following this model are now all digitally engineered, they’re fully automated, meaning, kung ayaw gumawa sa pangalawa at pangatlo mung pindot, something must be wrong,’

She can’t resist the tension between their proximity, Maya turned hastily to face the wall and see where Richard was referring, ‘So ito po pala yung close and open button, parang nasa futuristic lang na pelikula ‘no, amazing?’ Maya promptly blurted hoping to cut the rising tension between them.
There was silence, her hair’s subtle fragrance that touched his face as she carelessly turned her head just sent him an exquisite sensation he hasn’t been familiar for a long time. Richard stop this now, you’re here to help her, he was cut from his deep and sensual thoughts when …

Ding, ding, ding, ding

‘Ano po yun, SC?’ Just then Richard slowly distanced himself …

‘Ah, that’s the security alarm, when that happens don’t panic, this is the central control board of this cabin,’ normally all circuit boards are just located by the door,’ pointing at Maya’s back, ‘since all of the circuits here are digitally connected, anything critical with the airplane’s safety will send signal to the cockpit and to central inflight Engineer’s control station that is located at the lower deck, all manual operations and procedures will automatically be activated once there is a system fail, and I think from there you know already what to do? Common sense na lahat yun’,

‘Ibig po bang sabihin, pag lumipad na tung eroplanung to, may kasamang inflight engineer?’
‘Nung unang lipad ni Angela from France to this hangar merong kasamang Flight Test Engineer, bakit gusto mu rin ba na sa first flight mu me kasama ka ring Engineer? I can be, we’ll see if we can arrange that.’

Maya nodded in agreement with that sweet possibility.

‘So anymore question? Let’s descend to the cockpit’, ‘Opo’.

The rest of their scheduled learning hours were spent blissfully, wisely, cleverly … romantic.
‘Maya, different aircrafts have different and unique safety procedures, though the aviation industry is really trying to standardized that, mukhang mahabang panahon pa ang gugulin, magkaiba man yung paraan iisa lang yung objective – safety. Parang ikaw, ako, tayo,’ Richard casually said,

‘Tayo? Maya leaned back in question.

‘Ahh, ahhh, ang ibig kung sabihin, parang tayong dalawa, ikaw ginagawa mung lahat para matupad ang mga pangarap mu, ako naman working to help my workers’ reach their dream, pero iisa lang objective natin, maging masaya.

‘SC, OK lang po bang magtanung?’ ‘go ahead’,

‘Ano pa po ba yung mga dreams ninyo?’ ‘Kasasabi ko lang di ba?’
‘Eh, para po sa sarili nyo?’

‘I’ve realized all that I have dreamed of Maya, his tone solemn looking straight at Maya’s eyes, ‘but for some reasons biglang nawala, for a while I questioned heaven why, but I didn’t get any answer at all, until lately’,

‘Eh, ano nga po yun?’
‘Eh, yung pangarap ko naghahabol pa rin ng pangarap eh,’
‘SC naman ang labo nyong kausap,’
‘Malabo pa ba yun?’

‘Wag kang mag-alala, singtayog man ng lipad ng eroplano ang pangarap nya, lalapag din yun,’ Maya animatedly bantered,

‘I can’t wait for that time Maya,’

‘Wala!, Ang sabi ko di na pwede ang ‘be yourself’ dito, In whatever type of fleet you’ll be assigned to fly Maya, safety procedures and features might differ but there are only two very important fundamental safety measures you should remember’, Richard now reaching for Maya’s hard hat as he stride lazily towards the exit passing her. His manly scent just blew her away.

‘First, don’t panic, because if you do, even with the very basic fastening and unfastening of seat belt you can’t do. Second, presence of mind, if you will master all these, everything else will follow, kahit gaano pa ka high-tech na eroplano kung wala ka neto, you’ll still fail.’
Maya was so dazed listening to her instructor, unaware that it was the last plain step she was stepping …


‘Maya!’ Richard was quick to block his body to the out of balance Maya, her only conscious and instinctive choice was to hug Richard, she was finally secure at Richard’s arms. Her body went trembling when she saw how high they were from the paved ground. She buried herself in Richard’s chest, she could hear his heart racing, she could feel her body weak, Richard slowly shove her to see her nervous face, ‘Are you ok?’ his voice comforting, ‘OK lang po ako Sir Chief’.

Ringgggg, ringgggg….

She stood Maya from his chest to let her find her balance still holding her back as he dig his phone from his pocket, Maya couldn’t move in fretfulness, ‘Liza, what is it?’

‘Sir, may information ho akong nakuha that Mr. Tanaka is coming to the Philippines, but as to when, that I’m still trying to find out.’

‘Liza,’ he paused and look at Maya’s face affectionately, it’s a look of assurance that everything’s fine now, ‘just update me on this,’

‘Can you walk now?’ Richard asked with concerned, he held her shoulders as they walk down the stairs towards the hangar gate.

‘Charlie Echo 01, base’ , ‘go ahead’ , ‘Sir, may bisita ho kayo’
‘What?’ ‘Sino?’

‘Si Mr. Tanaka daw po’,

Richard’s face turned frantically red; Maya sensed something wrong is going on.

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