Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sometimes day jobs can be boring especially when you’re ask to attend conferences that god knows, there are really speakers that didn’t study public speaking at all … it bores you to death, but what can you do you’re being paid to get bored and pretend you like the hell out of what he’s reading.

But there’s always a way out of this boredom… thank you gods of soap operas, and while someone is talking about the world’s gonna end soon, someone has gone somewhere not ending very soon …. (bad me: justification: kasi naman yung lecture kinuha sa librong kababasa ko lang)

So here hope you like what I imagined over a three hour conference.

This story is a sequel of ‘Thank you for being my mom today’.



Maya and Richard finally had their schedules meet. They agreed to have their hangar trip Sunday afternoon. It was just a relief that Luke and Nikki had a friends’ afternoon movie date so Maya wasn’t feeling so guilty for taking their dad’s time out in the afternoon. Abby on the other hand agreed to just stay at home with Manang Fe, it was Maya who suggested to buy her a Shitzu so she wouldn’t be that sad anymore, now she’s so engrossed, very happy in fact with her toy dog, Maya thought it’s the best therapy Abby can get to nurse a child’s would-be cheerless heart.

‘SC malayo pa po ba yung hangar dito?’ Maya inquired while they were traversing a way to somewhere she’s not familiar with.

‘No, it’s just actually adjacent to the airport, but we’re taking a less taken entrance to get to the hangar.’

Richard didn’t drive too long to get to the end of the airport runway, a huge metal gate with a wrought iron inlay reads LAS, Maya without a doubt know it stands for Lim Aviation Services, Richard stopped at the gate and lowered his car’s window, as soon as the guard saw him, he opened the gate, gestured a salute and uttered his greeting ‘good afternoon sir’, Richard nodded back and accelerated towards a paved open space.

‘Sir Chief papatayin nyo naman ako sa nerbyos’,

‘Ginulat ba kita?’

‘Eh, sa tagal ng panahon na nakikisakay kasi ako sa kotse nyo, ngayon ko lang kayo nakitang nagpatakbo ng ganito kabilis eh.’

‘It’s fine Maya, unless an airplane will come out of the hangar right now then I’ll have a challenger on this free space, besides you’re riding in one of the best cars in the world and you’re with the best driver in the world.’ Richard smirked like a little boy proud of himself.

‘The best of everything’ has been a passing joke among everyone in the mansion, it’s has become a word of approval whenever someone did good; it was like a happy virus spreading and consuming each person in the house.

‘Eh, hindi po ba dumadaan ang eroplano dito?’

‘No, though this is practically part of the airport, this is not utilized as runway, at times it’s used as an auxiliary airstrip for emergency purposes, but on normal days like today only airplanes for maintenance taxi here.’

‘ahhhh, ganun po ba.’

‘We’re here’, Richard pulled up at the fa├žade of a three huge dome-like metal structures.
It was about 2 in the afternoon when they arrive at the hangar, the sun was unforgiving, the turquoise sky, cloudless, the breeze coming from the open paved plain, warm but gentle, the heat of the seemingly endless concrete ground that leads to the colossal entrance of the hangar hurl a kind of fervor that is suppose to send Maya to swelter but for reasons she know exactly why, she felt otherwise – the vast hangar that hangs LAS logo on the right wall send her shivers, a frosty feeling, she felt so little standing in front of the nose of a giant airplane that is housed in a dome, though she know her Boss was affluent, it really didn’t go under her until today, in her mind, ‘wow, ganito kalawak at kalaki ang operation ng LAS, ang yaman pala talaga ni SC?’

‘Maya!’ A familiar voice called-out, ‘walk faster, unless you want to get baked’,
‘Oo nga po SC, bibilisan na’

A somewhat happy, bearded man in his 60’s meet and greeted Richard. ‘Good afternoon Sir’,

‘Mang Canor this is Maya, Maya dela Rosa’,

‘Good afternoon po Maam Maya,’ the old man greeted him warmly,
‘Maya, Mang Canor has been working for me since we put up this company.’
‘Naku Mang Canor wag nyo na po akong iMaam eh, empleyado din naman po ako ni Sir Chi,… aahh ni Sir Richard’, Maya suggested.

‘She’s not anymore Mang Canor, she’ll be flying, she’s going to be a flight attendant soon’, Richard said proudly.

‘Ah, Sir me kelangan pa po ba kayo maliban dito sa hand held radio at dalawang hard hat?’ Mang Canor asked handing Richard the effects.

‘Wala na Mang Canor, ahhh, sya nga pala kamusta na si Angela?’ Richard inquired interestingly.

‘Naku Sir, ang ganda-ganda na nya, inaantay na po kayo, ikaw nalang ang kailangan at pwedeng-pwede ng ilabas,’ Mang Canor elatedly reported to Richard as if he was a whoremonger suggesting a woman for Richard to date out. Maya’s face went slightly curdled as she turned towards the direction of the people hauling rolls of wires across the eclectic space of the hangar. Richard somehow figured why Maya changed her mood, he saw everything as he make edge glances while he and Mang Canor were conversing and he is loving the fact that Maya drop insinuations that she is jealous.

Sino naman kayang babae ‘to, hay, ka-stress tung may kasamang gwapo. Maya, boyfriend mu ba si SC bakit ka na naman nagmamaktol, Maya di na magandang pangitain ‘to, she said to her irate self that no matter how hard she tried to keep it, the creases on her temple just unconsciously appear as if they have a mind of their own.

‘Angela?’ Maya in hushed sigh questioned herself.

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