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This story is a sequel of Thank you for being my mom today.





The then unforgiving sun has retreated to the horizon engulfing the whole surroundings with soft golden darkness, the nose of the huge airplane, the arch of the hangar gate, the bladygrass in the unpaved field now have gotten themselves an enigmatic silhouette, they’re as if telling each other they are ready for the mystery that is set to happen and is laid to be unraveled.

Maya was still in sobs, sitting on her knees when,

‘Maya, let’s go home’, she heard a silky familiar voice; she looked up to see SC giving her a hand. She reached for it and stood still daze from her baffled Mr. Tanaka encounter.

‘Are you hungry?’ Richard ask warmly,

‘Hindi pa po SC, uwi na po tayo’ Richard know Maya is harboring this perplex feeling after what she did wasn’t so good enough for Mr. Tanaka.

She stood by the car’s door, she look at SC with a sullen soul, her tears sparkle as the golden twilight haze wraps her cheerless face, they were like flaxen threads that stream from her sad gaze.

‘Sir Chief, sorry po, hindi ko naman sinasadya, kung na ruin ku yung business plan niya. Di ko po talaga alam kung anong gagawin eh,’

In his mind, how can a crying and sad woman at this poignant hour of the day be so very beautiful, if she can only read my mind that I’m so very happy right now because finally after years of waiting and chasing LAS is signing a contract with Mr. Tanaka and she played a big role in concluding it, she would be I think get consoled somehow.

But those words never came out of Richard’s mouth, he know words can never calm her at moment.

‘Maya, we’ll talk this over after you’ve calmed down’, but she sobbed even more, Richard can’t help it, he can’t find those exact words to appease her, all he can do is move a step closer, hold her lovely face and run his thumb over her damp cheeks.

‘Everything’s gonna be OK Maya,’ he said it almost a whisper as he gently hold her close to his chest. He can feel her calm now, but his heart is racing, his body burning, it’s like a wild fire spreading. He slowly pulled himself and held Maya by her shoulder. The tears were gone, her eyes now telling a different story, a story of longing, a story of desire, he wanted her so badly; she wanted him so close. He cupped her face again and run his fingers on her cheeks making sure the tears have vanished, his thumb was like an obedient servant that followed his masters command, it run down to her lower lip and unto her nape, the tender touches and the warmth of his hands sent Maya’s eyes to slowly surrender to this comforting, loving and enchanting feeling, he gently leaned forward to reach her now partly parted and fragile supple lips, she was certain, he was confident.

It was slow, gentle, tender, reverent yet deliberate.

They parted their lips and gaze at each other’s longing eyes finding for a reason why, but it was futile, without saying a word, without doing anything other than meeting each other’s eyes, their spirits understood.

He gently buried her again in his embrace of assurance, ‘your man will stand by you all the way, Maya’.

Maya was certain of his promise, she slowly lift her hands and rounded it on Richard … His embrace tighter …

‘SC, di na po ako makahinga,’

Richard looked at Maya with certainty, ‘magtiwala ka mahal kong princesa’.

Maya nodded full of optimism.

Richard drove towards the darkness, though obscure and trivially lit, he was so sure where to go. The place is dreadfully solitary, lamp posts that gleam faint lights are distanced too far from each other that they look so deserted from afar. The only undoubted consolation is the moon’s dazzling and glittery glow that spreads across the runway, fading darkness just so one can discern each other’s face.

‘Are you OK, Maya?

‘Ahhh, opo’ Maya responded shyly.

‘Wait, may nakalimutan pala ako’ …. He slowed down the car and eventually pulled-up in the middle of the open, seldom used runway that leads to the big metal gate where they entered earlier on.

‘SC, ano pong nakalimutan nyo?’,

‘Wait here, I’ll get it at the trunk,’ Richard unbuckled and went at the back,’

Maya was still mesmerized of what happened, she keep touching her mouth with her knuckles, thinking … Maya, in her signature peptalking self, ‘you just flirted with your boss, paano na yan?’ She was also so quick to re-assure herself that ‘malapit ka na mang kumawala at lumipat ah, anong problema?’ But she can’t really believe her eyes, she just had the most magical night of her life, her first kiss. ‘Maya dalaga ka na, normal lang naman yun di ba? Ano ba Maya! Kalma ka lang! Pero di talaga ako makalma eh’ ... she was so dazed with the swift turn of events … she almost didn’t hear …

…knock, knock, knock … ‘roll down the window Maya,’

‘Bakit po SC,?’

‘I’ll give you something, it’s OK, you can come out of the car, there’s nothing a threat around here, this area is fenced and we’re safe here, maliwanag naman ang buwan eh, kaya makikita mu rin’

Maya push the door open and slowly step out of the car, ‘Here’, Richard handed her a box,

‘Ano po to SC?’,

‘Just open it’, …

‘Wow, hightech naman na reading lamp neto!’, Maya was thrilled,

‘That’s more convenient than the side table lamp, you can just clip it on your book or your manuals, you can also bring it anywhere with you.’

‘Thank you po SC’,

‘You’re most welcome Maya,’

…. There was silence ….

‘Maya, about kanina, galit ka ba dahil hinalikan kita?’ Richard hesitantly inquired anxious of her answer.

‘Hindi ako galit sayo, inis ako sa sarili ko’, Maya spoke softly.

‘Bakit naman?’

‘Kasi naman eh, yung hindi pa kita… alam mu na!’ Maya was tensely fanning her hand ….

‘na hindi mu pa ako boyfriend? Yun ba yun?’ Richard tone confirming.

‘SC, naman eh,’

‘Eh di boyfriend mu na ako ngayon,’ Richard was like a PBB teen housemate wanting to be claimed.

‘Ayaw ko nga,’

‘Bakit naman?’

‘Eh hindi mu pa naman ako nililigawan eh’.

Richard hurriedly pulled out his phone and called …. ‘Liza?,’ … ‘Yes Sir’

‘Can you book me a flight to San Nicolas? Get the earliest’,

‘Sir, may problema ho ba sa site sa Mindoro?’ Liza inquired,

‘Wala naman, it’s a personal thing,’

Maya panicked, ‘Ha! Saan ka pupunta?’

Liza heard Maya was beside her ….‘Sir, di pa pala kayo nakauwi ni Maya?’ Liza’s voice was teasing.

‘Liza, flight details, tomorrow’, ….. ‘Yes, Sir’

Maya knew it was a serious request, ‘SC naman kung magbiro kayo parang totoo!’,

‘I’m serious Maya, I’ll get your family’s blessing and I’ll do that first thing,’ He phoned again and she was even surprised …. ‘Hello, Cristina Rose, Si Richard Lim ito, can I arrange a meeting with your family?’

‘Ah, Sir Richard, may problema ho ba?’ Kute puzzled,

‘Meron eh’ Richard confirmed

Just then Maya realized he really mean business. ‘You want to talk to your sister?’ Richard handed Maya the phone …

‘Kute!,’ Maya’s voice in fright.

‘Ano bang nangyari bunso?’

‘Kute, tawagan nalang kita uli OK?’ She turned around so Richard can’t hear her, … ‘nagfirst kiss na kami’ almost in whisper ….

‘Ano?’ Kute sounded in surprise.

‘Eh, nagpabook na siya ng flight papuntang SN para magpaalam kay Nanay na ligawan nya ako,’

‘Ano? Kute’s voice an octave higher.

‘Ipacancel mu yang flight ng Boss mu, inaabala mu pa yung tao!’

She turned to see Richard in his folded arms and stern look, ‘Sabi ni Kute, wag ka ng tumuloy sa SN, maabala lang yung trabaho mu,’ Maya said shyly.

Kute was dying in laughter at the other side …

‘Maya we need to talk about what happened with Mr. Tanaka’, his voice grave. ‘This contract means so much to LAS, Maya. This is our headstart to expanding in  Asia, in Japan particularly,’

He continued like he’s always been in his business tone, ‘I’ll be busier by then and if you really decide to leave the house, we’ll be chasing time so you can come with me during my site visits, that will be so very inconvenient for both of us Maya, buti na yung nasa bahay ka kasi anytime may schedule site visits ako, you can tag along without us haggling our schedules, I can teach you while we’re eating breakfast, over lunch, dinner, coffee, mas madali yun di ba?. I know you can eventually win Ms. Belmonte over, I believe in you Maya, but this is something you can’t just learn overnight, I need to do constant follow-up with you also.’

Maya just listened to his seemingly right logic not knowing what to say.

‘We’re in this together, right? Kapitbisig! I’ll help you with your training requirements, you helped me fast tracked signing this contract.’

‘Here’s my proposal Maya, since you don’t want to play unfair with Doris, Sabel, Manang Fe and Joma, you can use your spare time to come with me at LAS office to get yourself familiar with this contract in preparation for the turnover. Liza would be very happy to see you there, we’ll do this carefully not to create conflict with your training scheds’ Richard affirmed.

‘The new yaya will be in the house the day after tomorrow and Manang Fe needs to supervise her closely, so you need to move out of Manang Fe’s room before the new yaya will come, I’ll tell Sabel and Doris to get the guest room ready.’

‘Ano? Sa guest room? Ako?’ Maya yelled in surprise. Richard step aback, smiling.

‘Eh, saan mu gusto, sa kwarto ko, pwede rin naman?’ Richard blurted elatedly.

‘Mr. Lim? Maya looking daggers, Richard just shrugged and continued,

‘You haven’t told me the story yet, how did your talk with Mr. Tanaka go?’

‘Ayaw ko nga’ Maya played along.

‘You know Maya, Mr. Tanaka is one of the feared MRO businessmen in Japan, but he’s also one of the most desired business partner because of his unparalleled business and work ethics and he’s very famous for his last words.’ Richard informed her while pacing in front of the low-lit BMW.

‘Kung yun ang magiging business partner ko e, OK talaga ako, ang gwapo kaya nya,’

‘Mas gwapo pa ba kesa akin,’ Richard’s face turned sour.

‘Mas bata kesa sa sayo,’ Maya tauntingly replied.

‘SC, Bakit siya famous sa kanyang last words? Para naman siyang nag-lalast will parati,’

‘Exactly, kaya kelangan mung tuparin, it’s his unique business philosophy ’,

‘What were his last words before he went?’ Richard inquired,

Maya in poignant tone, ‘Sabi nya, I just ruined his business plan’,

Richard beamed and said, ‘Kaya ka umiyak?’ ‘It’s because initially he was firm not to give us the contract, but what’s with your power Maya that he finally decided to turn over the operation to LAS.’

‘Hindi ko power yun, passion nyo sa trabaho yun’, ‘at isa pa, naiisip nya siguro na wala na siyang time para sa anak nya.’

‘Ha! Si Mr. Tanaka may anak?’ Richard questioned in his surprised tone.

‘Di mu alam SC?’

‘Ang pagkaalam ko kasi he’s single, go on what are the other details of your conversation?’

‘SC, it’s also my personal philosophy na hindi ishare ang private life ng ibang tao’, Maya declared. Richard sighed. ‘OK, you got me there, siguro sa tamang panahon and you owe me that.’

‘Eh, SC ano naman ang last words nya sa yo before siya umalis?’ Maya asked back.

‘That you’re coming with me to Japan.’

‘Ano? Di ko na talaga kaya ang mga pangyayaring to, Maya, ano ba tong napasok mu?’ She said in her signature worried-Maya look. She glanced at SC in sigh.

‘Mahal na princesa, there’ll be more of this coming, kaya brace yourself,’

‘SC ha, di pa nga ako naka get over kay Ms. Belmonte eto naman,’

‘I know you can make it Maya, I always believe in you, but just in case, sabi mu nga pagdi ka pumasa aaply ka uli sa akin, kaya eto open opportunity.’

‘O, be careful you’ll sprain your ankle,’

‘Masakit na po kasi tung paa ko eh, Maya timidly complained, Richard looked at his watch, it was still 7:00pm he said, ‘take off your shoes, the pavement is still warm, it’ll help your legs relax.’

Maya slid off her foot from the nude pumps Richard gave her on Christmas, ‘ang sarap ng feeling,’ while wiggling her big toes, ‘medyo mainit-init nga po yung semento, sarap sa paa,’

‘Paano nyo po pala nalaman SC na mainit yung semento by just looking at your watch.’

‘I just knew’, Richard leaned at the car’s door, rolling his sleeves up, he looked at Maya’s feet with awe, they’re lean and rosy, her straight toes, her well-trimmed, clean toe nails, just made him feel a kind of excitement that he unconsciously say, ‘you have sexy feet Maya?’

‘Po, may sinabi kayo SC?’

Richard pretended he has not said something and guiltlessly directed his gaze to the moon and star-filled sky, ‘The last time I was here Maya was when I was at my loneliest,’

‘Naghubad din po ba kayo ng sapatos nun SC?’ Richard chuckled;

Maya continued … ‘Kaya pala siguro nalaman nyong mainit-init pa yung cemento pag ganitong oras ano? ,’

Richard still gazing at the stars, ‘the second time is at my happiest’,

‘E, hinubad nyo din po ba yung sapatos nyo nun?’ Maya inquired.

‘No, not yet,’

‘Bakit po not yet?’

‘It’s because this is my second time’, Richard look at Maya with his sweetest smile.

‘SC, subukan nyo pong hubarin yung sapatos nyo, baka magkaiba yung feeling ng nakabarefoot na lonely at happy’, Richard’s laughter reverberate in darkness.

‘Maya you really never fail to amaze me’,

‘Sige na SC, tayo lang naman ang nandito eh,’ Maya’s voice was convincing.

Just like a willing and obedient servant who would do everything to please her queen, Richard stoop to roll the hem of his trousers, he slid his foot out of his shoe and slip off his white socks, one after the other.

His slender, fair-skinned feet glowed against the dark pavement, Maya dried her throat, ‘SC ano pong pakiramdam, may difference po ba?’

He lovingly looked at Maya, Maya in her anxious face waiting for his answer.

‘Ano po?’ Maya eager to hear the answer.

‘Halika ka nga dito,’ he leisurely reached for Maya’s hands and held them near his heart, He looked at Maya in her eyes with so much love and admiration … ‘Yes, my princess, the difference is you … with me’ …

There was a pregnant silence that needs to be delivered.

‘Thank you Maya for coming into my life, thank you for making me the happiest man alive in this universe tonight,’ the words that came out of his ruddy lips were like the warmth of the pavement that calmed her senses, but his touches mean otherwise.

Richard slowly curved his back to reach for Maya’s slightly parted and willing lips … he was out of breath, he was eager, he wanted her again ….. ‘aray, Maya, ang liit mu pala pag wala kang heels, sakit ng likod ko,’

Maya still holding SC’s hands, ‘Wala yan sa height SC nasa edad yan,’ Maya bantered.

‘Nasa edad pala ha,’ SC’s voice nagmamaktol,

‘hmmmm, tampo agad,’ Maya gently reach for Richard’s back and run her hands slowly through it reaching for his nape, that feeling that sent Richard to almost forget who he was, she clasp her hands around it ….

’Anong ginagawa mo?’, Richard inquired affectionately?’ [A/N: parang ‘ano pa ba dapat? Kung mas may endearing voice pa kesa dito ilabas mu na RL.’]

‘Finding the circuit board, it might just be at your back Sir,’

‘You’re one lovely wicked woman,’ Richard spoke softly.

Richard as always is stunned by Maya’s frolics but he didn’t expect her to be this audacious in front of him, in his mind, how can this woman can turn his world upside down with just one touch, but he is genuinely loving it to the top of his soul.

‘Syanga pala bakit ayaw mu palang may eroplanong nakapangalan sa akin?’

‘Because your name is all too precious for an airplane Maya’, Richard unhurriedly rounded Maya with his arms.

With clasp hands at his nape, Maya slowly step on Richard’s foot, one after the other, she tip-toed to reach for Richard’s thin and eager lips, the touch of their naked feet let them dance their longings under the moonlight and dawdling in delight. The wind-blown blady grass around them, the twinkling stars, the nostalgic moonbeam above them catch sight of the rage of their hearts that spoke no words but each unmistakably understood …. they’re panting, they’re breathless …. They claimed each other’s soul, they shared each other’s love …. they answered the phone ….

‘Hello,’ ‘Daddy matagal pa po ba kayo ni yaya?’

‘Baby, we’re on our way home’, they responded in laughter together.
-the end-


  1. to be honest, this is the 5th time I have been reading this fanfics. It makes me feel so good after reading it. Its one if not the best fanfic I have been reading. Congrats, hope you continue to write more MAYA/SIR CHIEF love story. Goodluck and God bless.

  2. Hello Abby, this is actually my first time writing a fanfic ... thank you so much for reading and for dropping by :) I'm working on a story right now, but finding it hard to round the circle. Thank you for dropping by.